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Dark Heart Coffee

Coffee Subscription

Coffee Subscription

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Dawn 2 Dusk 

This blend is everything we love about specialty coffee. We brew this in our café as a “House” batch brew option and love its balance of full-body chocolates and complex sweetness. This is our comfort coffee that is approachable for everyone. It’s delicious black as well as with cream and sugar.  

Darkest Days

Darkest Days is our take on a dark roast. This blend has the dark chocolate you want with caramelized sweetness, full body, and deep rich flavors. Go ahead and add cream or enjoy it black. If you enjoy a dark, rich coffee, then look no further! 


This blend is our new customer favorite.  It is our take on one of the world’s most popular blends.  Originally this blend combines coffee from Mocha in the Arabian Peninsula and Java from Indonesia.  We put our spin on this with a Sumatra Mandheling and a Natural Ethiopian Uraga along with a touch of washed Peru to round this out and create an incredibly well-rounded and bold cup of coffee.  This is our darkest roast and has amazing depth and sweetness. Great on its own or truly amazing with cream and sugar.

Bright Side

This is the blend we created for the coffee drinker that loves things on the lighter side. Hence the “Bright Side” name.  It’s roasted a little quicker than our other blends to retain more aroma and just enough acidity to liven up things.  We use this versatile coffee in our Cafe as a drip offering and espresso.  It’s a beautiful pairing of chocolate and citrus.   

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Depending on the brew method you are using. Don't see your brew method listed? Feel free to add a note during checkout and we will do our best to accommodate your request!

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Standard Subscriptions

Receive a 12 oz. bag of single-origin specialty coffee delivered to your door once a week, once every 2 weeks, or once a month. 

Gift Subscriptions 

Give them the gift that keeps giving... for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Pay in full at checkout and we will ship out a 12 oz. bag of single-origin specialty coffee every month for the selected period of time. 

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