In March of 2015, after 10 years of planning, our dream became a reality; Dark Heart was branded and born via a handcrafted mobile cart that hit the streets of Downtown Loveland. Our delicious, ethically sourced, never-before-seen specialty coffee was presented at 100 small and large events throughout Loveland, all while searching for a sacred space to call home. Despite heartbreaking hurdles that could have demolished our dream, Dark Heart Coffee Bar and our steadfast resiliency found its brick and mortar roots in June of 2017.


Dark Heart is fueled by a love and passion for quality in all things. The dream of owning a specialty coffee shop began with napkin sketches and a desire for the unseen and exceptional.

From a comforting atmosphere that honors all humans, to the beautiful, pure lattes that they sip, Dark Heart believes in the details. We believe specialty coffee should be approachable and met with authentic engagement. We believe in the education surrounding our passions and wish to satisfy the curiosities of our clientele. 


We take immense pride in offering you a cup that not only tastes exceptional but is also rooted in ethical practices. Our commitment to sustainability is deep-rooted, and it reflects in our stringent selection of beans. Each batch we roast is sourced from farms that meet, if not exceed, organic standards.

We understand that the journey to exceptional coffee is complex and nuanced. While all our beans are of organic caliber, some may not bear the "organic" label. This isn't a reflection of quality but rather the reality of certification costs, which can be prohibitively high for our dedicated farmers, despite their adherence to organic farming practices. We choose to support these growers, recognizing the excellence of their produce and the integrity of their methods.

Our vetting process is rigorous. We don't just look for the best beans; we look for the best people and practices behind them. Countless hours have been invested in seeking out farms that align with our ethos—those that prioritize both the welfare of their workers and the quality of their coffee.