Dark Heart is fueled by a love and passion for quality in all things. The dream of owning a specialty coffee shop began with napkin sketches and a desire for the unseen and exceptional. In March of 2015, after 10 years of planning, our dream became a reality; Dark Heart was branded and born via a handcrafted mobile cart that hit the streets of Downtown Loveland. Our delicious, ethically sourced, never-before-seen specialty coffee was presented at 100 small and large events throughout Loveland, all while searching for a sacred space to call home. Through our steadfast resiliency and love for our dream, Dark Heart Coffee Bar found its brick and mortar roots in June of 2017.

At Dark Heart, we create an atmosphere that is as rich and comforting as the lattes we serve. Our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to tradition shine through in every cup we brew. We see specialty coffee as an experience to be shared and understood, and we encourage conversations around our craft. With our baristas serving as educators, we aim to enlighten our customers about the nuances of coffee brewing and tasting. Dark Heart is not merely a coffee shop - it's a place where the complexity of coffee meets the simplicity of genuine engagement, inviting all to embark on this journey of coffee appreciation and exploration.


As an independent family-owned roastery we directly source all of the coffee that we roast for ourselves and our wholesale partners. We are dedicated to our partnerships with coffee producers. Not only to find the highest quality beans but also to support the farmers that allow us to pursue this passion.