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Why Specialty Coffee?

As Dark Heart lovers, we know the incomparable taste of quality. It sells itself. But do we know the why behind Dark Heart’s passion for specialty coffee?

Well, let’s get it.


Specialty coffee exudes both dedication and respect. From the processing and planting, to the brewing and sipping, each stage of the specialty coffee lifecycle is curated with intention. 

Specialty coffee begins with its incredible coffee farmers. Here, the coffee processing, planting, growing, and harvesting comes from decades of devotion, generations of commitment, and more often than not, better than organic soil practices. The beans in your cup are perfectly picked, at the peak of their glory. And because each bean goes through a Broadway-level audition process, specialty coffee is an extremely small percentage of the world’s produced green coffee. Yeah, that’s right; read that again.

The producers then collaborate with like-minded buyers who believe in excellent trade relationships with coffee farmers; this connection ensures the highest profit and financial support for the farmers and their families. THIS, my friends, is what makes delicious, ethically sourced coffee so meaningful. And so important.

After being purchased by green coffee buyers, the beautiful brewed beans are then tested via cupping and granted a coffee score. If the coffee is determined as wildly exquisite, then the beans make their way to the determination of tasting notes and roasting plans.

The divine roaster then works their skillful magic. Roasting is an art form, and from what I’ve researched, coffee chemistry is both insane and remarkable. To almost conclude the bean journey, our beloved baristas grind, brew, and serve your exceptional coffee with a warm smile and an invitation to be a part of something bigger. You are the denouement in this story.


You believe in making it just as approachable, teachable, and empowering as Dark Heart’s embodiment. And now that we have explored the why behind specialty coffee, I would love to encourage you to inspire your homies with what you know.

“Hey, thanks for inviting me to your favorite coffee shop. What is specialty coffee?”

To put it simply, specialty coffee is the highest scoring coffee grown and puts the relationship with its farmers first. The harmony of the farmer and buyer is the foundation of your sacred cup of bliss. Through specialty coffee, the farmers behind the beans and their standard of living are valued, seen, honored, and celebrated. And from one hand to the next, the love just keeps flowing.


I bet your next Dark Heart ritual tastes extra special. There is passion in your espresso. There is quality in your pour over. There is contribution in your latte and connection in your brew. From farmer to barista, your morning cup came from a journey of love and ethics. 

Specialty coffee? Special, indeed.


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