Meet Your Barista Series: Hunter

Meet Your Barista Series: Hunter

Our Meet Your Barista series introduces our incredible humans who make Dark Heart extra special. Enjoy their stories, coffee magic, personal goals, and all-around awesomeness. Get it, get it, get it. And get inspired!

Meet Hunter

My name is Hunter and I’m a Barista at Dark Heart!

I started out as a barista in 2016 working with Starbucks. I’m super grateful for the experience I received there, as it inspired me to want to further my career in the coffee industry. 

I came across Dark Heart in 2017 via a friend, and I fell in love. The first thing that attracted me was the aesthetic of the place, and as I continued going in, I loved how consistent my lattes were! Their attention to detail and kindness is ultimately what kept me as a regular customer. Working with the Dark Heart family was a dream for a few years. It just felt like my place to be. I was elated when I finally took the leap and got hired!

Dark Heart's Magic

I think what makes Dark Heart unique is the focus on quality and consistency. There is so much care that goes into each drink, from the espresso to the milk. Just this extra attention to detail makes a huge difference in the quality of a beverage. 

What is my favorite Dark Heart delight to make? I’m not sure I can pick a drink that I like to make more than the other! I just enjoy having the opportunity to be in bar and make yummy drinks.

What is my personal favorite to sip? My ritual sip is a honey latte with either lavender or cardamom, depending on the season, with the addition of oat milk. I like my lattes a touch sweeter than the normal but not by too much.  

What specialty coffee sorcery do I usually recommend to a first time Dark Heart visitor? When suggesting a drink for someone coming in I always start off my asking what they normally like to get at other cafes or make at home. This helps me understand their palate and guide them to something delightful on our menu!

Goals, Aspirations, and Interests

My goals as a barista are to better my craft and get even more of an understanding of the coffee business. Maybe one day, I’ll have my own cafe!

Currently, my biggest aspiration is to be the best mom I can for my little one while growing in my career! 

When I’m not at Dark Heart, I’m either hiking, sledding, riding dirt bikes, camping, or more recently, starting a little farm. 

Why Hunter is Awesome

(Yes, our writer asked Hunter this question.) Oh man… lol! I love what I do for my career, and I think that shines through me. I genuinely enjoy getting up and going into the cafe. I'm a bit of a goof and make bad jokes often. Lol. 

My favorite artist is Salvador Dali, and I’m a big fan of surrealism and ceramic arts.


We love you, Hunter!


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