Meet Your Barista Series: Bella

Meet Your Barista Series: Bella

Our Meet Your Barista series introduces our incredible humans who make Dark Heart extra special. Enjoy reading their industry starts, personal experiences, goals outside of the industry, and more. Get it, get it, get it. And get inspired!

Meet Bella

My name is Bella, and I’m a Barista at Dark Heart!

I started my barista journey with my desire to learn about coffee. When I learned of Justin and Allison's passion behind specialty coffee, it made me want to learn even more. 

I grew up in Downtown Loveland and worked next door to Dark Heart for 2 years, so I would visit Dark Heart on my lunch breaks. I always loved the atmosphere and people. I'm also close with the community, so it felt so comfortable and welcoming to me. 


Dark Heart's Magic

Dark Heart is unique because we care about what goes into our coffee and experience. Customer experience is our number one priority, and we want everyone who comes in to love the coffee and the experience. Every part of Dark Heart is handcrafted, and love and passion are poured into each and every cup.

What is my favorite Dark Heart delight to make? My favorite is a cortado because it is a challenge to pour but such a reward when you nail it. 

What is my personal favorite to sip? My favorite drink to enjoy is probably a cappuccino with cinnamon because it is the perfect balance between espresso and milk.

What specialty coffee offering do I usually recommend to a first time Dark Heart visitor? It very much depends on the person. I recommend our honey latte or not so basic latte to people who are sweet coffee drinkers. Those drinks add just that touch of sweetness, without overpowering the coffee.

Goals, Aspirations, and Interests

My barista goals are to continue learning about coffee and educate others on the craft of specialty coffee.

Currently, my biggest aspiration in life is to continue with my pottery business. 

When I am not at the cafe, I am making pottery or playing volleyball with my roommates or with my mommy.

Why Bella is Awesome

(Our blog writer had to know!)

I think I’m awesome because I am very aware of my surroundings, and I can connect with the right people. And I am in touch with my intuition.

And one more fun fact about me? My favorite color always changes because I find the beauty in a new color all of the time. My current one is baby pink. :)


We love you, Bella!


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