Humans of Dark Heart: What Is Jeremiah up to Now?

Humans of Dark Heart: What Is Jeremiah up to Now?

We connected with Jeremiah Sanchez, author of the Parachute Minds saga, back in July of 2021. During our interview with this wildly talented, charismatic, and hilarious human, we explored his sci-fi series and his connection with Dark Heart. And y'all, he even offered three tips for a nervous creative!

Missed the interview? Here ya go!

Since our first chat with him, he has received much feedback and numerous reviews for Parachute Minds: Leap of Fate, including all five star reviews on Amazon.

Additionally, he’s released the second book in the Parachute Minds saga, Parachute Minds: Light Switch. This installment pushes the boundaries of interstellar exploration and ponders humanities eventual fate among the cosmos.

So, you're saying that since our last interview, this remarkable human released his second book? Yeah, I am. Inspiring, right? And I think it's time for you to snag both books!

P.s. Love the books and want Jeremiah to sign them? Oh hey! Is that him, writing in Dark Heart's Community Room? Yep. And you have my permission to interrupt his creative process for that Sharpie gold!


Get your copy of Parachute Minds on,, or directly from the publisher,


Facebook: Parachute Minds

Instagram: @authorjeremiahsanchez


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