Dark Heart Coffee Blog: A Coffee Shop's Resilience Inspires Our Own.

A Coffee Shop's Resilience Inspires Our Own

In the last few years, the term resilience has shifted from a social media advertisement to something very familiar. Merrium Webster defines resilience as “the ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change,” and thanks to the state of the world (and her recent return to slightly more stillness), I think we can all celebrate in moving through this powerful word together.

Let’s explore, shall we?


The dream of Dark Heart began with napkin sketches and a desire for the unseen and exceptional. After 10 years of planning, the dream of Dark Heart was branded and born via a handcrafted mobile cart that hit the streets of Downtown Loveland. The delicious, ethically sourced, never-before-seen specialty coffee that we all know and love was presented at 100 small and large events throughout Loveland. The dream was alive!

However, while searching for a sacred space to call home, Dark Heart faced heartbreaking hurdles that could have demolished their even bigger dream. Despite a change of plans that felt out of their control, the owners of Dark Heart Coffee Bar persevered. Their steadfast resiliency found its brick and mortar roots in June of 2017.

Just recently, a few years after opening (and with no desire to awaken nor expand on recent trauma), we all witnessed Dark Heart’s resilience through the recent pandemic shutdowns and turmoil. In the face of difficulty, they utilized their past experiences to not only adapt, but to thrive. Hell yes, Dark Heart.


Dark Heart’s journey reminds us that whether we realize it or not, we naturally modify and move forward. A part of our human composition involves adaptation and flux, and often, this occurs without thinking. Our rhythm is to ebb and flow, to suffer and to recover.

So, what am I getting at? Peace, my friends. Resilience is a part of our species. We can seek resiliency and worry about its achievement, but beautiful humans, you are already living proof of it. Your breath, your creativity, and your mere existence IS the definition of resiliency. 


What are your greatest dreams? What do you see standing in your way, and how do you see your past experiences of resilience as proof of your current and future ability to reach those desires?

Do you have a pen and napkin lying around? 

Pick your beans, brew your dreams, and sip on your success. And if that first cup of home-brewed vision doesn’t come out the way you planned, then know that your humanness is already mapping its next steps. Adversity exists, but resiliency is on call. Get it, get it, get it. 


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