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Dark Heart Coffee

El Salvador - Divisidero

El Salvador - Divisidero

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Taste Notes - Fig, Orange Zest, Peach

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Country El Salvador
Region Ataco
Farm Villa Galicia 
Variety Bourbon, Pacas
Proc. Method Natural
Altitude 1400 masl

Mauricio operates five different farms in the regions of Ataco and Apaneca, including Cruz Gorda, Finca Himalaya, Villa Galicia and Tablon Divisadero. Each of these farms utilises the natural landscape and unique micro-climates to produce high-quality lots for specialty coffee roasters. Most of Mauricio’s coffee grows under shade, and he also has a multi-layered drying area, so coffees can be dried on the top layer in full sun or on the lower layer under shade to slow the drying time.
Mauricio is known for taking great care through all steps of production. Each lot from his farm is tracked by harvest date and his processing facilities are immaculate. He is driven by a desire to take good care of the local environment, using rainwater for his washed process coffee, and reusing the skin of the coffee cherries after they’re pulped to produce a delicious cascara tea from his Bourbon and Pacamara varietal. 
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